Biologically Appropriate Raw Food

I first learned about the BARF diet by reading Ian Billinghursts's book, "The Barf Diet". I have been feeding my Danes the BARF diet for about ten years. When I first put them on this diet I could tell the difference in their coats and energy levels. I noticed their coats were shinier than when I was feeding them commercial dog food. I also noticed that their energy levels were a lot higher. Another huge factor, which will interest all Dane owners and potential owners, is that I visited the Veterinarian a significantly fewer number of times. It seems that I never have to take trips to the Vet anymore and it's a huge time and money saver. This diet has been proven to prevent cancer, ear problems, arthritis, anal sac problems and runny eyes.

My Great Dane's diet consists of raw chicken backs, organ meat, , green tripe, sardines, turkey necks, sweet potatoes and hamburger. I also feed salmon, mackerel, liver, lamb bones and 100% whole wheat organic pasta, pork necks and pigs feet. Along with their meals, my Danes are fed supplements such as probiotics, flaxseed oil, which is very good for a dog's heart and skin, vitamin C, which good for connective tissue, and cod liver oil gel pills, which is good for the lack of sun in climates that experience winter. They are also supplemented with kelp boost and sea meal.

My German imported Danes were born and raised from Danes that were fed the BARF diet, which in my opinion, was an excellent start to my danes' life. It is always better if puppies come from parents that eat raw, in my opinion. My German dane's life expectancy is 10 -12 years and could potentially be longer if they are fed the BARF diet. For snacks, I feed my danes low fat plain yogurt with honey on it, it is their favorite thing to eat. I sometimes also add blueberries, fresh cranberries or a raw egg shell. They also enjoy American cheese. The cheese is good to use as an incentive when training your dane.

Believe it or not the BARF diet is very inexpensive, and to my disbelief, I discovered it is cheaper than buying commercial dog food, not to mention a lot healthier. You can contact your local meat packing company for pricing and ordering.



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