Planning a Litter for the Summer of 2019



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This is Bellini from my "B-Litter". She resides in New York City
Her photo is in November 2013"Town and Country" magazine


Picture taken September 28,2010 In Slovenia
Picture taken June, 2012 in America

Susan Fioravanti
Adelina Great Danes

Pedro Compasso
Canil Fazenda Aruanda
Pictures taken April, 2012 in America



Our mission is to provide healthy Danes that can be enjoyed by their owner for many happy years; with our focus on health and temperament. In addition, we want to accommodate our customers with information that can be very vital in raising your dog. My family and I purchased our first Great Dane in 2002 and ever since then fell in love with the breed. Since then, we have continued adding to the family. All of our Danes are an equal part of our family and live a very happy and fulfilling life.

Our Danes are all house dogs, enjoying their own bedroom and personal shower as well. Their days consist of mostly laying on the couch and playing in our several fenced in yards. One section is for the elder Danes leaving the other section for the puppies. Our home and garden (yard) are monitored.We hope you find this site informational and educational as well as a place to purchase a quality, loving Dane!



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